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The Eight sequences

At a girl’s high school in Tehran, a number of the students want to become actors. The school counselor asked me to in some way realize their dream. The counselor and I, with a minimum of resources, manage to give these aspiring movie stars an opportunity to experience a moment in front of the camera.

This film is of an improvised experience with a group of adolescents that could be used as insight into children’s psychology and education.



  • Type of film: Documentary
  • Subject: Educational
  • Director: Arash Raissian
  • Cameraman: Arash Raissian
  • Editor: Arash Raissian
  • Music:Selections  from the album ….. by Peyman Yazdanian
  • Producer: Arash Raissian
  • Length: 31 minutes
  • Date of production: 2014





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